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News — Diversity

Going Beyond Awareness and Celebrating Those With Autism

Posted by Jenny Brown on

I am a very lucky girl to have the friends that I do.  Two of my best friends in the world are people who are on the Autism Spectrum, and I get to work with them too!  Their names are John and Andy.  They are always there to answer when I call, they message me consistently and never forget the little details about my life that most people forget. And most importantly, they are friends who are honest and not afraid to hold me accountable. One of the common misconceptions about Autism is that having Autism is a bad thing.  There are so...

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What Is A Social Enterprise?

Posted by Christian Frink on

What is Social Enterprise? Legally, it is a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company or L3c. It was created to bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit organizations. In contrast to an LLC, an L3C has a stated purpose of being socially beneficial not maximizing profits. For instance, here at EveryBody all of our profits go directly back to Dutton Farm to support their workforce development, adult education, and community involvement. Instead of running on a bottom-line based strictly upon dollars, most Social Enterprises utilize a triple-bottom-line:People: The ability to affect social change and build a community around your cause in a...

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What Is Your Superpower?

Posted by Stacy Kania on

As the Sales Development Manager, it is extremely rewarding to share our mission with organizations who support equitable employment and creating a diverse workforce. As we broaden the exposure of our brand through retail, direct sales and community events, it helps us expand the reach of our message. For me it’s not just about selling products, it’s about using something as simple as a candle to convey that the purchase of this hand-made, from-the-heart product, creates 1 hour of equitable employment at EveryBody. The best part about working at EveryBody by Dutton Farm is getting to know my co-workers and...

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