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Our Story


Over the last several years, Everybody Inc has employed 15 people and provided over 13,000 hours of employment. Here is the story of how we got here...

CEO, Founder, and entrepreneur Jenny Brown has a lifetime of experience in embracing differences and including others.   Her older sister, Becca, who has Down Syndrome, taught her to respect and appreciate each other’s differences.  Becca also taught her that individuals with developmental disabilities are capable, talented, and valuable.  The older she got, however, the more she realized that many others did not view our unique differences in the same way.  

In high school, she began organizing and hosting basketball games with her high school team that competed against people with developmental disabilities so that her sister could get a chance to compete rather than continually sit on the sidelines to watch her play. 

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Jenny decided to start a non-profit called Dutton Farm with her mother to provide a place for her sister and her friends to continue exploring their talents and to thrive.  A few years into this journey, Jenny began working with a man named Marty, who battled mental illness and also had a diagnosed developmental disability.  This man’s dream was to have a job, so Jenny began working to help him find the right place of employment.  After several months of an unsuccessful search, Jenny decided to start a natural bath and body company whose mission was to build a profitable brand using an unconventional and inclusive workforce.   Money and time were both scarce, so she started small with just a single bar of handmade orange soap.  This bar of soap allowed her to land a deal with a local bed and breakfast which generated the revenue to hire her first employee!  That day, where she was able to sit down with her friend Marty and offer him a job was one of the most exhilarating days of her life.  She wanted to experience this feeling again and again, which drove her to keep building and expanding the brand.   Through dedication and hard work, she and her team continued to test and add new products, improve their brand and marketing to grow and further their impact. 

As we mentioned, over the last several years, Everybody Inc has employed 15 people and provided over 13,000 hours of employment. These hours of employment that Everybody has created equate to financial freedom and independence, buying power, dignity, and economic stimulation in our local community.  Most of all, the impact of our brand brings equality and respect to individuals with developmental disabilities.  Several of Everybody’s initial employees were recruited by other companies who watched our journey and felt challenged and inspired to get involved.   To note, Marty went on to be recruited by one of the largest medical supply companies in the state of Michigan and became one of their top employees. 

Today, Everybody has 10 employees and has shipped our products to 45 states across America.