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What Is A Social Enterprise?

Posted by Christian Frink on

What is Social Enterprise?

Legally, it is a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company or L3c. It was created to bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit organizations. In contrast to an LLC, an L3C has a stated purpose of being socially beneficial not maximizing profits. For instance, here at EveryBody all of our profits go directly back to Dutton Farm to support their workforce development, adult education, and community involvement.

Instead of running on a bottom-line based strictly upon dollars, most Social Enterprises utilize a triple-bottom-line:

People: The ability to affect social change and build a community around your cause in a sustainable way.

Planet: Being conscious and active in your environmental impact, to create a more sustainable planet for everyone.

Profit: Like a traditional business, Social Enterprises need to make money to allow for self-sustainment, paying employees, and growth of their mission.

What does EveryBody’s bottom line look like?

People: Actively fighting for the rights of individuals living with disabilities for fair and equitable employment, and providing that equitable employment.

Planet: We actively reflect upon what our impact on the world is. We have switched to using all recycled boxes for shipping and the packing peanuts we use are biodegradable and made from starch.

Profit: We strive to be as efficient and as responsible as possible financially to ensure that we can provide as many jobs as we can, and to support Dutton Farm as much as possible.