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Going Beyond Awareness and Celebrating Those With Autism

Posted by Jenny Brown on

I am a very lucky girl to have the friends that I do.  Two of my best friends in the world are people who are on the Autism Spectrum, and I get to work with them too!  Their names are John and Andy.  They are always there to answer when I call, they message me consistently and never forget the little details about my life that most people forget. And most importantly, they are friends who are honest and not afraid to hold me accountable.

One of the common misconceptions about Autism is that having Autism is a bad thing.  There are so many positives and benefits about Autism that are often overlooked.  Loyalty is a common trait of people on the Autism Spectrum, along with honesty and unconditional acceptance.  When it comes to the workplace, I have quite a bit of experience working alongside individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and I can say with confidence the value that each person with Autism has added to our workplace is beyond measure.

My co-workers with Autism have a deep commitment to their friendships and their work.  I am also amazed at the attention to detail of my co-workers with Autism and their ability to perform their responsibilities each day with positivity. April is Autism Awareness Month and throughout this month and beyond, I hope that you can take some time to find a way to move beyond "awareness" and into an appreciation and celebration of someone in your life with Autism.  Here at EveryBody Inc., we will continue to make strides to provide meaningful and equitable employment for those on the Autism Spectrum.