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What Is Your Superpower?

Posted by Stacy Kania on

As the Sales Development Manager, it is extremely rewarding to share our mission with organizations who support equitable employment and creating a diverse workforce. As we broaden the exposure of our brand through retail, direct sales and community events, it helps us expand the reach of our message.

For me it’s not just about selling products, it’s about using something as simple as a candle to convey that the purchase of this hand-made, from-the-heart product, creates 1 hour of equitable employment at EveryBody.

The best part about working at EveryBody by Dutton Farm is getting to know my co-workers and discovering their abilities, or as I like to refer to as “superpowers”.  A few examples of the amazing skills our employees have:

  • The ability to identify a city based on it’s zip code (memorization skills)
  • Noticing that products are out of alphabetical order and correcting the situation (attention to detail, organization skills and problem solving)
  • Handling tasks at lightning speed (efficiency, accuracy and productivity)
  • Pouring soaps and candles into containers and molds (accuracy and attention to detail)
  • Leaving notes of encouragement for other employees (compassion, motivation, being a team player and writing skills)
  • Working hard to get a product just right, always striving to be better (work ethic and growth mindset)
  • Recognizing we need additional storage, measuring the space, finding the right shelving, sending a formal email request to purchase and place the order on Amazon. (intuition, problem solving, business skills and more)
  • Keeping our space and employees clean and sanitized (attention to detail and pride in workspace)
  • Song recognition down to the artist, title and year from almost any genre or decade- not a job skill necessarily, but definitely a superpower!

Equity in employment is giving opportunities to people of all abilities and allowing them to use their “superpowers” to learn and grow every day. 

Inclusive employment means allowing all participants to have a voice.  Our employees drive us to be better as a company and organization. At EveryBody by Dutton Farm, we are setting the bar and inspiring other companies to follow suit to incorporate people with other abilities into their workforce. 

To learn more about hosting a pop-up shop at your place of business, corporate gift bundles, party favors, thank you gifts, or creating a wholesale partnership with us, please give me a call at (248) 453-4592 or email stacy@everybodyinc.com