Meet Us

   Jenny Brown is the Founder and CEO of Everybody by Dutton Farm. She loves the culture and community that we are building through Everybody and sharing the stories of lives that are transformed. She says, "I am so blessed to have the opportunity to use the influence I have as a business owner to improve the lives of those around and create opportunities for others to succeed and achieve their dreams."
Becca is our market barista. She prepares coffee everyday for our employees, participants and guests. She inspires us each morning with her great attitude and willingness to help anyone who walks in.
Kevin began coming to Dutton Farm in 2017.  As an employee of the Market, he cuts soap, greets customers and loves making money.   Having a job makes Kevin feel better and he likes to spend his money on pop and snacks.  When he received his first paycheck, Kevin used it to take his family out to dinner.
John is a retail associate. He runs our store, manages inventory, and always has a perfect drawer. John is amazing at greeting customers and helping the field trip guests shop. Stop by the store and meet him!
Meet Rose, our head of quality control! Rose has been at Dutton Farm since 2013! Her specialty is quality control and she has a great eye for detail. Her favorite product to make is our candles! Rose is in charge of starting every morning in the market. She is extremely proud to be working with us!

Amber Joseph is our Marketing and Public Relations Director. She loves giving her all every day to such a great cause and sharing all she has learned through working here. It is amazing how one place can change so many lives and she is excited to contribute one small piece. 

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Bethany Hagerman-Rossetti is the Sales and Events Manager with Dutton Farm Market. She enjoys the fast-paced environment of the farm and seeing all the market staff give each product the care and attention they do. She says building relationships and sharing the market’s mission with the community is one of the best parts of her job.

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Patty is our Production Manager at Dutton Farm. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and caregiver who doesn't believe in the word "can't". We all can do something and at Dutton Farm she has learned that we all have strengths and building on those strengths as a team is how we will break barriers to brighter futures. No problems only solutions.
Hailey started at Dutton Farm in Adult Education in 2016. She quickly became one of the first employees of Dutton Farm Market and has a passion for soap making. She is known around the farm as soap queen! Hailey has lead product lessons on the farm, as well as soap making classes in local elementary schools. She also loves taking care of our rabbit and watching the sheep. Hailey was named our February 2019 Employee of the month.