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So Much Has Been Happening! Check Out This Recap

Posted by John Simmons on

Hello. John Simmons here to tell about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected substantial businesses since March of 2020. Lots of entertainment venues and restaurants had to close because of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Other retail venues were ordered to shutter as well. Only the essential businesses and hospitals could stay open.

Here at Everybody by Dutton Farm, we were still allowed to operate the online orders and in June of 2020, since a majority of retail venues did curbside pickup, we set up our own outdoor market. During the summer of 2020, it was very hot, and we modified the outdoor market so the product wouldn’t melt. We brought the product back into the store and kept the shelves stocked.

Finally, in the month of September 2020, our business opened our own production building at the McLaren Oakland Hospital on 64 N. Saginaw Street in downtown Pontiac. Also, a lot of other venues reopened as well. A month later, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony for our Grand Opening of our store.

November 2020 came, and we were flooded with orders … to the point that we had to call in volunteers from in the community. From November to late December of 2020, we were swamped with thousands of orders. As you may or may not remember we had our assembly line in the store. The week of Christmas 2020 the orders slowed down. We have confidence that business (both foot traffic and both in-store and online shipping sales) in the spring and summer months of 2021 will continue to rise.

Since our grand opening, we have launched lots of new products and their scents. Some of them are limited edition. So far we launched our seasonal scents, Pomegranate Cider and Pumpkin Pie candles, as well as the Christmas scents Evergreen, Holly Berry, and Gingerbread candles.

Most recently we launched Iced Lemon Cookie liquid hand soap and Lemon candles, Vanilla Sugar bar soap and liquid hand soap. Lastly (but more to come) Love Spell candles, liquid had soap and bar soap.