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John's March Blog

Posted by Jenny Brown on

Happy Spring of 2022 to all the EveryBody team.  This is John Simmons, and I want to tell you about our new and seasonal products.  First off, our spring scents of current products are Candied Pear and Citrus Agave.  If you haven't tried our spring products and scents, come to our store in Downtown Pontiac or you can go ton our website at www.everybodyinc.com and make online orders for our fabulous product.  Then we have our Body Wash, which was launched last week.  The scents that are in the body wash are Ginger Rose, Lavender and Fig.  And last but not least we will have a kid's line of our product in May or June of 2022.  I am so happy that we have new product on hand and possibly a lot of hours created for our supported employees.  And as far as hours go, every sale of $20 creates 1 hours of work.  So as long as we make sales of $20+ in our store and at events, we can keep our jobs.