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Is Unscented Soap Good For Acne?

Posted by Christian Frink on

We feel the question "is unscented soap good for acne?" comes up a lot when body products are discussed.

While we cannot make the claim that our unscented products get rid of acne, we can say that according to Health.com, unscented products (fragrance-free) can help prevent redness and skin irritation which we feel can be representative of something like acne.

"If you're sensitive to fragrance, you might notice symptoms like itching, redness, swelling, rashes, and flaking skin after applying scented products", says Kenneth Mark, MD.
As much as we love our scented items, we understand that some folks need body products that have a lower-risk for causing irritation to their skin. So we recommend trying these products if you've experienced skin irritation in the past to scented products or if you simply know your skin is on the more sensitive side.