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Finding Purpose In Your Job

Posted by Jenny Brown on

Becca finds purpose as she excels in her job at Everybody. There are various tasks that she completes while working there--counting money, organizing products, shipping packages, assisting customers, and communicating with coworkers. Becca is consistent, friendly, and a reliable worker; coworkers can always depend on her to find a need, take initiative, and complete a task successfully and efficiently.

Becca loves that “We have fun at work, it's girl power. I like this job and that's why it is important to me.” Receiving a paycheck is a reward for all of Becca’s hard work. “[It] makes me feel happy and very good and makes my day better.” Becca uses her hard earned paycheck to “buy movies and a ticket to go on family vacation.” This position for Becca gives her purpose as her skills and abilities are utilized to make a difference with our company. And, just as much as Becca loves this job, she is adored by her coworkers and customers. Becca is an essential part of our company. Our business is better because of the hard work and joy that she brings every single day.  Blog written by Lily Batey.

Becca finding greater purpose in her job at EveryBody brings greater joy to our hearts each and every day. Seeing her success also has us reflecting on the purpose in our own work. Finding this purpose is not easy which is why we recommend events like The Purpose Summit taking place in May to help us do so. If you plan to attend the Summit, you can support us by using the code "EveryBody" when purchasing your tickets for the event. $100 of each ticket sale made with our unique code will be directly donated to us and our mission.

You can check out the event's website for more information: https://thepurposesummit.com/