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Diversity & Inclusion

Posted by Jenny Brown on

As we have watched the events over the last few weeks unfold and the pain and sadness that the killing of George Floyd has caused, we want to take a moment and share with you all our commitment in response to the injustices that have occurred.  We have seen so many left reeling, hurting, and searching for justice.  First, our deepest condolences are with the Floyd family and the many communities across the country that have been impacted by this tragedy.  We also know that the impact that is felt is not isolated to one situation which emphasizes how much work there is to be done. 

At EveryBody by Dutton Farm, diversity and inclusion have been a part of our core mission and values since day one as our mission is to promote equality for people with developmental disabilities and the broader community.  We have always been committed to starting new conversations, listening intently, and doing what is right. 

With a desire for progress and the belief that there is no place for racism or inequality in the world, we continue to take steps that we believe can influence change.  We will intentionally build in training, best practices, and dialogues that dismantle any kind of oppression within all aspects of our organization.  We will also work to be an employer providing a place where our employees feel safe, valued, and heard.  Our commitment is to ensure that everyone sees themselves represented and included at EveryBody and to keep listening, learning, and moving forward together.  


Jenny Brown