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Becca's Employment Update!

Posted by Jenny Brown on

Becca has been working at EVERYBODY now for nearly a year (with periodical
interruptions due to Covid restrictions) and it has been amazing to witness. Her
skills have multiplied considerably just by being in a new environment where she
is gently challenged and supported with kindness and patience. To me, this shows
that employment, in the correct way, is possible and beneficial to everyone. She
has learned to use a computer, even with her very limited reading skills.

On a side note, I notice how many people take reading for granted and assume that most people can read, which is quite often not the case. Despite many years of instruction, she could not grasp the concept and she is very self conscious of her inability to read. I have had to run defense for her many times when people ask her to read something. It takes very little effort to compensate for this (pictures, verbal prompts, etc.) and when it is done well, as it is at EveryBody, everyone benefits. She fills orders, waits on customers, orders supplies, and keeps the store in order (and other tasks when necessary). Having a job where she is respected has done wonders for her confidence. Her self esteem is firmly in tact as anyone who knows her will can attest to! Her job has most assuredly added to her quality and enjoyment of life. Above all, she feels equal to other people her age in having a paying job (if they want one) and extra earned money to spend. She also works part time at Lava Mountain Coffee Shop in Lake Orion. She loves to tell people about her jobs!

Legitimate employment of people with disabilities is a benefit to everyone; there
are no losers. We often forget that in our teaching and helping others we are also
learning ourselves, character qualities like patience and kindness. In the long run,
we all become better people and who can argue with that?