Beauty in Diversity. Strength in Inclusion.

Our Values & Services

Mission: EveryBody by Dutton Farm is a bath and body company that has a mission to supply natural and high-quality bath and body products while removing barriers to employment and community access for people with disabilities. 
Purpose: We exist to provide long-term solutions to chronic unemployment for people of all abilities levels by providing career paths and expanding opportunities to reach their fullest potential

Our Values
  • Inclusion and Empowerment: We embrace our differences and believe they make us stronger, as we inspire one another towards our goals.
  • Creativity and Innovation: We believe innovative problem solving is the catalyst that drives us towards better futures
  • Connection and Community: we build relationships to promote customer loyalty, employee engagement and a strong social enterprise.
Core Services

  • Direct to Consumer
  • Wholesale
  • Business to business
  • Corporate gifts & favors

Our Roots

Everybody by Dutton Farm began in 2015 as Dutton Farm Market with a single bar of soap. We began as an activity of our parent non-profit Dutton Farm. As the sales grew, the need for the business to evolve became apparent. In 2020, the market officially split and became a social enterprise, a low profit limited liability company. We continue to operate as a partner of Dutton Farm and 100% of our profits go to support Dutton Farm. 

About Dutton Farm

Dutton Farm's mission is to empower and support adults with disabilities to live a life of purpose, inclusion and dignity. Learn more at 


What is a social enterprise?
A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good. Check our blog post  HERE to learn more!
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